A list of our Agricultural Electrical Services

  • New Construction

  • Dairy and Other Livestock Barns

  • Arena Lighting

  • Livestock Feeding Facilities

  • Grain Drying Systems

  • Electrical Service Upgrades

  • Generator Installation

  • Backup Generator Installation

  • Hydraulic Cattle Shoots

  • Pole Sheds

  • Calving Barns

Agricultural Electrical Services

Power-Link Technologies takes pride in our knowledge of the agricultural industry. We have over a decade of experience in understanding the unique challenges and maintaining the electrical systems for local farms and agricultural programs.

AGRICULTURAL Electrical Services  

Underground wiring and trenching should be performed by a skilled electrician for your safety. Precise code requirements are in place to protect your home and business, as well as your family members and employees. Our skilled electricians are knowledgeable regarding code requirements as well as the proper depths for trenching underground wiring in various applications. Our underground wiring and trenching services are ideal for extending electrical service as well as installing communication lines for your home or business.