Solar Electrical Services

We Are Your Trusted Solar Authority

The sun—our most reliable source of clean, renewable electricity—shines bright above us every day. Power-Link Technologies solar photo-voltaic systems capture the sun’s energy and turn it into clean and reliable electricity for your home, saving you hundreds of dollars or more every year and reducing your environmental footprint considerably.

We have the necessary skill and experience to design and construct any solar system to satisfy your solar requirements from concept to completion.

Grid Tied system

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A grid-tied electrical system is a semi-autonomous electrical generation system which links to the main electrical grid to feed excess generated power back to the local main electrical grid. When insufficient electricity is available from the solar system (night time), electricity drawn from the main grid can make up the shortfall. Conversely when excess electricity is available from the solar system, it is sent to the main grid.

Solar Energy is the Future

Solar energy is a reliable, cost effective and renewable energy source. The solar industry is developing steadily all over the world.

Solar Incentive Programs

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